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It’s been a long hard winter but, you know what we always say;

Triple Beam Gin | Blueberry Gin Fuzz

North of 7 is a Micro Distillery located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our carefully handcrafted spirits include: Gin, Vodka, Absinthe, Pastis, Rum & Whisky

Due to Covid-19 we are currently open 12:00 to 3:00 daily for liquor sales and hand sanitizer sales (500ml bottles, $10.62 + tax, pumps and spray bottles available, email [email protected] for bulk orders and pricing, WHO Formulation #1 (80% Ethanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin & Distilled Water))

Hand Sanitizer available on our shopify site  -

We encourage you to visit our store where products are currently available for tasting and purchase or if you aren't local go to our shopify store to buy online!

Currently Batches - Batch #26 Gin, Batch #19 Special Reserve Rum (Barrel #31), Batch #16 Leatherback Rum (Barrels #29&#30)

Canadian Whisky - Barrel #22 (95% Rye aged 5 years)

- Barrel #7 4 Grain, aged 5.5 yrs

Tours -  No tours are being run for the foreseeable future

Ottawa's First Micro Distillery

How did two Ontario boys, Greg Lipin and Jody Miall, develop a love and appreciation of small-batch bourbon, so much so that they conspired to open a first of its kind micro distillery in Ottawa? The answer, rock climbing.

Both are long time, avid rock climbers who regularly travel down into the hollers of Kentucky on climbing trips. It was there they developed an appreciation for the ‘brown spirits.’

It was there they developed an appreciation for the ‘brown spirits.’

This love led to the touring of distilleries in the region, and the purchasing and enjoying of many different types of Bourbon and other American Whiskies.

Next they decided to turn yet another passion into their life’s work. Hence, North of 7 was born. In the true artisan spirit, every level of production is handled in-house, including mashing and fermentation, distilling, barrel aging, bottling, and packaging.

The Story

Every name has its genesis, often attached to something of significance, and North of 7 is no exception. It is actually a location so nicknamed by the locals to represent the area north of HWY 7, the King’s Highway, a major arterial highway which traverses the entire southern half of Ontario, Canada. It is north of this highway where Greg’s cottage is located; somewhere he has spent enough time over the years, relaxing and mixing up tasty cocktails, to warrant a place in the heart of his new venture.

Our distillery includes a small urban equivalent of a ‘rickhouse’ where we store our rum and whiskey barrels, the production area with three stills, a bottling line, an excise warehouse where our spirits are stored before they are made available for purchase, and our storefront with tasting area.

Our barrel storage area is gradually increasing as our rum and whisky production fills barrels. The storage area is unheated, and the fluctuations in temperature help move the products deeper into the wood when it is hot, and shallower when it is cooler. This variation in temperature will aid the maturation process of the spirits!

The Distillery

Triple Beam Gin | The Southern Cocktail

Triple Beam Gin | Classic Gin Gimlet

North of 7

Ottawa’s First Craft Distillery

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