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Grain to glass

We're an authentic grain-to-glass distillery. We source our grains and other raw ingredients locally, and mill, mash, ferment, distill, age and bottle on premises.


We make our own spirits in-house in small batches. We most definitely do not take the easy route of buying spirits in bulk from third-party industrial producers, then slapping on a label, as some craft distilleries do. That's not what we're about.

Local ingredients

Our use of local ingredients infuses our products with characteristics unique to the Ottawa region. No other spirits taste like ours.

Distinctive flavours

And because we perform every step of production ourselves, we have complete control over the final result. This allows us to create distinctive flavours and exciting variations across our product lineup.

Exceptional spirits don’t happen by accident. We hold ourselves to exacting standards.

Taste our products and you'll understand.

Barrel Aged to Perfection

Discover our Limited-Release Brown Spirits

We distill in small batches, and every batch of our whiskies and rums is unique. Moreover, during the time these spirits are maturing in their barrels, the wood, along with the toast and char levels, introduces new flavours and enhances certain notes over others.

The result: Each batch and every barrel offers a slightly different taste experienceto be savoured and compared.

And remember, spirits that are batch-distilled and barrel-aged are always limited-release. When it's gone, it's gone, so don't wait to get a bottle!

What's Available Now


Four-Grain Mashbill

Barrel #29


Barrel #14


Special Reserve

Batch #23 / Barrel #42


Batch #16 / Barrels #29 & #30

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