How We Make Our Gin

Triple Beam Gin

Creating Triple Beam Gin was a labour of love for us because we're gin lovers ourselves.

During development, we undertook a great deal of research and numerous test runs, eventually landing on a classic dry-gin flavour profile, with many intriguing subtleties and nuances.

The base spirit is our premium Illuminati Vodka, which we redistill to further purify the ethanol content.

The resulting vapour passes through a carefully chosen basket of botanicals, extracting their flavour compounds to give the final product a truly unique texture and taste.

Proprietary mix of 11 botanicals

The secret sauce is our proprietary mix of 11 botanicals, which emphasizes juniper and coriander and includes lesser amounts of cardamom, nutmeg, aniseed and lime peel, pepper, caraway, angelica root, orris root and licorice root.

bowl of juniper berries
Our juniper berries are sourced from Ferme et Forêt, an ecological farm and wild foods enterprise, nestled in the Gatineau Hills just north of Ottawa/Gatineau.

We try to use botanicals that are grown locally, in particular our juniper, but some must be sourced overseas as they are not available or grown in the area.

Gin drinkers can be incredibly particular, but Triple Beam is not a spirit that will wind up collecting dust at the back of your liquor cabinet.

Whether you prefer a traditional gin martini, an iconic gin-and-tonic or any number of delicious gin cocktails, you'll want to keep a bottle at the ready to enjoy and share with friends all year round.

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