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Craft spirit distillers see growing market for small business.

Craft breweries have been popping up throughout eastern Ontario in recent years, but now Ottawa is also welcoming a craft distillery, as spirit makers follow the microbrewery model.

Local Spirits reviewer Jason Hambrey take on our Leatherback 40% and 57% rum, Triple Beam Gin and North of 7 Canadian Whisky

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North of 7

Ottawa’s First Craft Distillery

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Ottawa’s First Craft Distillery

Ottawa distillery bringing craft beer esthetic to spirits

North of 7 in Ottawa recently started selling its first batches of hand crafted spirits, and as Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco shows in the video above, we're likely to see many more popping up across town.

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Ottawa’s first craft distillery started selling gin, vodka and unaged whisky in mid-September, has just uncorked its first batch of one-year-aged rum, and is poised to have its products at the LCBO and local bars before Christmas. Laura Robin chats with Greg Lipin, who owns North of 7 along with Jody Miall, to find out more.

Craft distilling comes to Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen

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