Grain to Glass

We perform every step step in-house, from selecting local grains to roasting and grinding to mashing, distilling, barreling and, lastly, bottling — for a difference you can taste.

Line drawing of a sheaf of wheat

Our philosophy is that to make a great spirit, you've got to start with great ingredients. We source our grains from Against the Grain, a family owned farm in nearby Winchester, Ontario. All of Against the Grain's produce is non-GMO, and the company is dedicated to renewing the production and use of locally grown heritage grains.

Line drawing of a distillery still

When you're sipping a North of 7 spirit, rest assured it was crafted by us in a small batch using traditional distilling methods. We most definitely do not buy neutral-grain spirits from bulk manufacturers, glue on a label and act as if we distilled it ourselves by hand.

Line drawing of North of 7 whisky barrel

Our whiskies and rums are aged until the taste and smoothness meets our exacting standards. Independent Stave Company of Kentucky, barrel-maker for most of the top bourbon distilleries, supplies our barrels. One of the things that sets our whisky apart is that our barrels are heavily toasted and lightly charred; most bourbon distillers do the opposite. The extra toasting imparts the distinctive vanilla flavouring and spicy accents for which our whiskies are known.

Line drawing of a North of 7 whisky bottle

The final step is bottling. We carefully fill and hand-label each bottle that bears our name. It's the rewarding end of a long process, and we're proud to be a true craft distillery, producing premium spirits at competitive prices. We invite you to pick up a bottle, pour a glass — and savour the grain-to-glass difference.

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