North of 7 Whiskey

Illuminati Vodka

Illuminati Vodka ($34.95 750 ml) is fermented from corn in 1100L stainless steel fermenters. It is double distilled and then carbon filtered in our unique ‘saxophone’ filters with downward and upward carbon filtration so the vodka has maximum contact time with the carbon.

Carbon: The original purity of the second distillation (the ‘spirit run’) of our vodka results in our products not needing multiple carbon filter cycles to remove ‘off’ flavours.

Illuminati also provides the base for our Gin.

Triple Beam Gin ($39.95 750ml) is made with eleven carefully selected botanicals that are precisely measured on our triple beam scale. We strive to use local ingredients wherever possible, and use juniper berries sourced from Ferme et Foret in Wakefield, Quebec. Vapour infused in 50 L batches, our gin offers a classic dry taste that can be enjoyed in all your favourite gin drinks - martinis, G&T’s, Tom Collins, and even straight up.

Triple Beam Gin

Leatherback Rum ($44.95 750ml) is a dark rum that has been fermented from 100% molasses for a true rum taste. There are no caramel, vanilla, colouring, or other additives - once it has been proofed, it’s simply what comes out of the barrel and into the bottle. Our dark rum is aged in 53 gallon Independent Stave Company special craft toasted and charred barrels. Our bottling runs are a combination of 2 barrels; a young barrel and an older barrel, to achieve just the right balance of caramel, molasses, oak and a hint of vanilla. Our choice of a strong, stout bottle guarantees you won’t spill a drop when yer battling the waves at sea.

Leatherback Rum

A single barrel version of our rum which is bottled at barrel strength ($54.95 750ml 57% abv.). For the true rum aficionado who wants to taste the product exactly as it comes out of the barrel.

Only sold at our distillery store.

Leatherback Special Reserve:

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Ottawa’s First Craft Distillery

North of 7

Ottawa’s First Craft Distillery

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Please remember to always drink responsibly

North of 7 is currently producing 5 types of Canadian Whiskey - a four grain bourbon style whisky, a traditional bourbon mash consisting of corn-rye-barley, a 'wheater' made of corn-wheat-barley, a 95% rye-5% barley mash plus our used whisky barrels are being refilled with 100% malted barley for a 'scotch' style whisky. All will be aged a minimum of 3 years in specifically toasted and charred barrels. Our mash bills consists of a combination or purple corn, yellow corn, malted barley, wheat and rye and is distilled ‘on-the-grain’ (with grain in the still) for added flavour. We also roast all our grain as well as milling the grain from kernels allowing us to adjust the coarseness of the grist. Aged in 53 gallon oak barrels from Independent Stave Company, we are part of a tradition that has, in our opinion, produced some of the finest american whiskey – Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, and George Dickel.

All our grain is sourced locally from Against the Grain farm in Winchester. Against the Grain ( produces a heritage purple corn which is used in our three grain corn-rye-barley mashbill, yellow corn, rye, barley and a few types of wheat.

North of 7 Whisky is now available for sale in our distillery store - $60 for a 750 ml bottle at 45% abv. We currently have two different bottlings available - our Four Grain (Corn, Wheat, Rye and Barley) and our Wheated Three Grain (75% Corn/20% Wheat/55 Malted Barley).

For the White Dog, we simply pull some of the fresh whisky off the still before it goes into the barrel. It is sold at barrel strength, 62.5% in small 200ml quantities ($14.95). Not for the faint of heart!

For each bottle of Leatherback Rum sold, a portion is donated to the Canadian Sea Turtle Network - a charitable organization based in Halifax that is working to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canadian waters and abroad.

Most of our products (Vodka, Gin, Rum, Spiced Rum and Four Grain Whisky) are available in 50 ml 'minis' at 40% abv. in our distillery store. All are %40 and $5.00

Leatherback Spiced Rum:

A spiced version of our rum ($24.95 375ml)  which is flavoured with oranges peel, cinnamon, cloves, real vanilla pods and caramel. Perfect for mixing up a mai tai or rum n' coke!

Only sold at our distillery store.