How We Make Our Rum

57% Leatherback Rum

Our 57% Leatherback Rum ages in new barrels with a light toast and a heavy char. This burn configuration contributes enhanced caramel flavour and barrel character for a distinctive-tasting spirit that some might say is "whiskey-like." In comparison, 99% of all commercial rum is aged in used barrels, which do not retain enough flavour to add anything unique to the final product.

We believe all our rums are terrific—hey, call us biased—but 57% Leatherback stands alone as the purest expression of our efforts. It's a single-barrel rum bottled at barrel strength—straight from the cask into the jug. Each barrel yields approximately 220 bottles.

Adding molasses to the mash_800x600
Adding molasses to the mash.

A special note for aficionados: We're one of the only distilleries in Canada to produce a barrel-strength rum. The higher alcohol content in 57% Leatherback yields a traditional-rum taste profile that may be too strong for some cocktails. Enjoy it neat, just like you would an over-proof whiskey. 

40% Leatherback Rum

Our 40% Leatherback is a lighter, blended rum that we create by combining rum aged in a new barrel, which imparts a stronger barrel flavour, with rum aged in a reused barrel, which imparts a lighter barrel flavour. This marriage of barrel types results in a classic rum that exhibits a distinctive North of 7 character and is perfect for all manner of rum-based drinks, including complex and exotic cocktails.

Worth noting, the vast majority of commercial rum distillers find they must use additives such as caramel to amplify the flavour and sweetness of their products. In contrast, our 40% and 57% Leatherback rums contain no additives except the distilled water used to reduce the alcohol concentration before bottling.

The caramel flavour and sweetness you experience derives from the sugars and other chemicals released from the toasted char of the barrel.

Spiced Leatherback Rum

Our Spiced Leatherback Rum is somewhat similar to our 40% version. It, too, is a blend of two rums, but in this case, both rums have been aged in reused barrels (from our own stock). By storing the rum in re-used barrels, we purposely achieve a lighter rum essence that allows the spice characteristics to shine.

To obtain our distinctive spice flavouring, we start with real, all-natural orange peel, cinnamon and clove. These ingredients are combined and then vapour infused into the pre-aged distilled spirit, along with added vanilla and caramel flavouring.

The most recent addition to our rum lineup, Spiced Leatherback is a favourite of customers who enjoy rum classics like a rum and eggnog, rum and coke or hot toddy, but it's also perfect for all types of rum cocktails.

Like our other rums, Spiced Leatherback is barrel-aged a minimum of five years.

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