How We Make Our Vodka

Illuminati Vodka

We set out to create the cleanest, smoothest vodka on the planet. Illuminati Vodka is made from the finest local corn and carefully handcrafted in small batches.

During distilling runs, we keep only the "heart" cut. This is the purest part of the run, comprising just ethanol and water. Ethanol contains the most desirable aromatic and flavor compounds, which are the hallmark of a fine, high-quality vodka.

Carbon filtration

Next, we use gravity-fed, carbon filtration to remove any impurities, ensuring that, whether sipped or served in a cocktail, Illuminati Vodka delivers an authentic and remarkably satisfying vodka experience.

The whole polishing process takes 21 days to complete. It's not something that can be skimped on or rushed—or the result will not meet our discriminating standards.

We take our time and pride ourselves in the production of this smooth neutral spirit. It's perfect any way you like your vodka.

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