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Cocktail Recipes


1oz Seaside Gin
2oz Watermelon Juice
1 Sprig Fresh Mint
1/3oz Lychee Liqueur
2oz Cucumber Soda

Build in ice filled Collins glass.

Combine all ingredients. Stir. Garnish

with Fresh Mint


2 oz. Sheringham Seaside Gin
3 drops of Green Chartreuse
2 oz. fresh squeezed Lemon Juice
1½ oz. Douglas Fir Simple Syrup
50/50 Sugar to boiling water with

Fir Sprigs
1½ oz. Egg White
dash Lemon Bitters

Add all ingredients into a shaker

and give it a dry shake (no ice).

Add ice and shake again. Strain

into a coupe and top with a

Douglas Fir sprig for garnish and aroma.


1 oz. Sheringham Seaside Gin
½ oz. Organic Fair Lavender Lemonade Syrup 
Top with Phillip’s Botanical Tonic  

GLASS – highball  
METHOD – build over ice, top with tonic
GARNISH – lavender sprig


1½ oz. Sheringham Seaside Gin
¼ oz. Lillet
1 tsp Olive Brine

GLASS – martini glass
GARNISH – olives


1½ oz. Sheringham Seaside Gin
½ oz. Odd Society Crème de Cassis
½ oz. Simple Syrup
¾ oz. fresh squeezed Lime Juice
1 each Lime Twist

Fill a rocks glass with ice. First add

Crème de Cassis and fresh lime juice.

Top with Simple Syrup, Gin and Club

Soda. Garnish with Lime Twist.


1½ oz. Sheringham Seaside Gin
½ oz. St-Germain
¾ oz. Sparkling Elderflower Juice
¼ oz. Maple Syrup
¼ oz. Lemon Juice
½ oz. Loganberry or Strawberry purée

GLASS – rocks glass
METHOD – combine over ice
GARNISH – lemon twist


2 oz. Sheringham Seaside Gin
Walter Mild Caesar Mix
½ oz. Fable-made or fav BBQ sauce
1 oz. fresh Organic Lime Juice
spice to taste

Rim a 16 oz. glass with lemon pepper,

build in the glass over ice, stir well.

Garnish with bacon (we use our house smoked),

pickled beans and lime wedge.


50 ml Sheringham Seaside Gin
25 ml Tugwell Creek Solstice Metheglin
2 dashes of Apothecary Elder Growth Conifer Berry Bitters

GLASS – small cocktail glass
METHOD – stir & strain with ice and strain
GARNISH – grapefruit twist or pickled fir tip


1.5oz Loganberry Vodka
Half a lime, cut into segments
Bar spoon of cane sugar
3 blackberries
3 raspberries
2 strawberries
Small handful of basil

In a shaker tin muddle Loganberry Vodka, lime, and cane sugar. Add berries and muddle lightly. Lightly spank the basil and add along with ice to the shaker tin. Shake vigorously and pour without straining into a large rocks glass. Garnish with Basil Leaf.


1½ oz. Sheringham Loganberry Vodka Fresh Lime Juice
4 to 6 Mint Leaves    
½ oz. Simple Syrup to taste (optional)

Muddle mint and lime in the bottom of a rocks glass, add Loganberry Vodka and ice. Top with soda and garnish with a mint sprig.

By Jason & Alayne MacIsaac / Sheringham Distillery


1oz Loganberry Vodka
1oz Seaside Gin
1oz Cranberry Juice
1oz Grapefruit Juice
1/2oz Creme de Cassis

Method - In a mixing glass or shaker tin add all ingredients. Top with ice and stir until ingredients are well chilled (shake to make a frothier version). Strain into your favourite martini glass. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit zest and enjoy by the ocean.

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