​Refreshing as a Summertime Stroll

​A climbing trip to France many moons ago opened our eyes to the classic French aperitif of Pastis. We created our own version of this après midi liqueur with an added hint of grapefruit. Drink with just a splash of water.

Summer Breeze Pastis

45.5% alc/vol | 375 ml

If you loved licorice as a kid, this liqueur is for you!


Star anise, grapefruit, cinnamon and clove


Sweet anise, sharp citrus, Thanksgiving spice


Still more strong licorice flavour

Triple Beam Gin

45% alc/vol | 750 ml

The pride of Ottawa. This Canadian whiskey contains a special mixture of corn, wheat, rye and barley. (Sweeter whisky with bourbon-like qualities) Aged aged 5.5 years in new 53 gallon oak barrels.


Brown sugar, rich cherry wood


Sweet notes of caramel, vanilla and clove


Dry spice, pepper and cherry

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